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365 Days Money Back Guarantee. Free Shipping, Free Return.
365 Days Money Back Guarantee. Free Shipping, Free Return.

Our Story


What does Yalmeh mean? First, it is pronounced: <Yal-mah>. It’s meaning: Radiant- Shining- Beautiful- Glowing- Bright- Brilliant

Here is a simple way to describe what Yalmeh represents:

Y = Youthful

A = Attractive

L = Likeable

M = Majestic

E = Effective

H = Happiness


The creation of Yalmeh® Naturals breakthrough skincare started because Jacklin wanted to help her own skin get better and healthy. She suffered for years from dark circles under her eyes and dry, red patches on her skin. Her skin condition impacted her life so badly that she didn't have confidence in herself to go out to the public.

She had been bullied, judged, and rejected by people. She said that "I would always look down, and I did not want anyone to see my face. I was ashamed of myself; I was so angry at the world, questioning my existence."

Jacklin used countless skincare products from different high-end brands hoping that would solve her skin problem, but unfortunately, those skin care products did not help her. Not that these skincare products were bad, no, but the ingredients in these products did not agree with my skin condition, she said.

"I did tons of research and study to find a solution for my health and skin problems. I study nutrition, botanical science, gut and the skin science.

I also reviewed and studied the people who had similar skin problems as I had. And after years of tirelessly working and experimenting, I finally made Food For My Skin that helped me get rid of the dark circles under my eyes and improve my skin health.

My Philosophy was and is that skincare products should be based on nutrients and nothing less, and good skincare should provide essential nutrients to the skin and help the skin stay healthy. Beautiful skin exists in healthy skin! 

After my skin got better, I wanted to make this formula available to all the people who had the same skin problems as I had. So in 2013, with my husband's help, we established Yalmeh Naturals® Skincare and serving people since then.

About Yalmeh Naturals® : 

Yalmeh Naturals® is a skincare company that prioritizes the use of vegan, natural and safe ingredients. Yalmeh Naturals® is cruelty-free certified, which is a significant aspect for many consumers who prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in their skincare routine.

The use of vegan and cruelty-free ingredients ensures that no animals are harmed in the production process, which aligns with the company's commitment to animal welfare.

Yalmeh Naturals® employs a cold-processing method to create their skincare products. This process is important because it helps to preserve the natural benefits of the ingredients and ensures that the products are free from harmful chemicals. Cold-processing allows for the ingredients to be carefully selected and processed without the use of heat or chemicals, which may compromise their efficacy. This ensures that the products are both safe and effective for use on the skin.

One of the notable features of Yalmeh Naturals® is that our skincare line is made without the use of any fillers or cancer-causing chemicals. This is a crucial aspect as many skincare products on the market contain harmful chemicals that can cause long-term damage to the skin. Yalmeh Naturals® recognizes the importance of providing customers with high-quality skincare products that do not compromise their health.

At Yalmeh Naturals we believe in making "Food For Your Skin™." This means that the we dedicated to providing customers with the best quality skincare products that nourish and protect the skin. We at Yalmeh Naturals believe that the skin deserves the same level of care as the rest of the body, and that is why our products are made with natural and safe ingredients.

Yalmeh Naturals is a vegan, cold-processed, toxic-free, and cruelty-free certified skincare company that prioritizes the use of natural and safe ingredients. Yalmeh Naturals commitment to animal welfare, ethical and sustainable practices, and the use of high-quality ingredients makes our company stand out in the skincare industry. With Yalmeh Naturals, customers can trust that they are receiving safe and effective skincare products that nourish and protect their skin.