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365 Days Money Back Guarantee. Free Shipping, Free Return.
365 Days Money Back Guarantee. Free Shipping, Free Return.

Our Story


What does Yalmeh mean? First, it is pronounced: <Yal-mah>. It’s meaning: Radiant- Shining- Beautiful- Glowing- Bright- Brilliant

Here is a simple way to describe what Yalmeh represents:

Y = Youthful

A = Attractive

L = Likeable

M = Majestic

E = Effective

H = Happiness

Yalmeh Naturals®


The creation of Yalmeh® Naturals breakthrough skincare started because Jacklin wanted to help her own skin get better and healthy. She suffered for years from dark circles under her eyes and dry, red patches on her skin. Her skin condition impacted her life so badly that she didn't have confidence in herself to go out to the public.

She had been bullied, judged, and rejected by people. She said that "I would always look down, and I did not want anyone to see my face. I was ashamed of myself; I was so angry at the world, questioning my existence."

Not that she wasn't a strong person, not at all, but Jacklin was so young when she escaped her country and became a refugee in a foreign country.

Jacklin was a refugee for seven years, and she described these years as the darkest and the most difficult time of her life. The lack of nutrition and sleepless nights for years made my body weak.

She had to work very hard for money to survive. She did not have good nutrition and a good lifestyle, and the lack of nutrition and poor lifestyle made her body weak and sick.

Jacklin didn't have the luxury of having access to medical and good food when she was a refugee. But after she came to the United States in 2008, Jacklin finally got a chance to create a better life for herself.

Long story short, Jacklin used countless skincare products from different high-end brands hoping that would solve her skin problem, but unfortunately, those skin care products did not help her. Not that these skincare products were bad, no, but the ingredients in these products did not agree with my skin condition, she said.

"I did tons of research and study to find a solution for my health and skin problems. I study nutrition, botanical science, and herbalism.

I also reviewed and studied the people who had similar skin problems as I had. And after years of tirelessly working and experimenting, I finally made Food For My Skin that helped me get rid of the dark circles under my eyes and improve my skin health.

My Philosophy was and is that skincare products should be based on nutrients and nothing less, and good skincare should provide essential nutrients to the skin and help the skin stay healthy. Beautiful skin exists in healthy skin!

After my skin got better, I wanted to make this formula available to all the people who had the same skin problems as I had. So in 2013, with my husband's help, we established Yalmeh Naturals® Skincare and serving people since then.

I wanted to provide a clean, safe, and effective product line to my customers.

That's why not only are our products vegan and plant-based, but also we use cold processing techniques when we make our products to maintain the stability of the active ingredient in each formula.

So the ingredients in our product are active and highly effective.

And most importantly, we do not use any cancer-causing chemicals or additives in our formulation.

And we are a Curtly-Free Certified skincare company, and we are proud of that. "

Today, Yalmeh® Naturals has a group of professionals devoted to perfecting skincare, combining science and nature, along with ancient plant treatments to deliver product perfection.

At Yalmeh Naturals®, we do not cut corners, and we do not violate our customer's trust. We are environmentally and animal friendly and use recycled materials to help preserve our beautiful planet.

Yalmeh Naturals® involved with non-profit charitable groups that help rescue kids from sex trafficking and feed hungry kids. We feel it is part of our duty, and we love to give back.

Today, Yalmeh Naturals® is a highly regarded, growing company making its high-quality skincare products available to happy customers throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Lastly, at Yalmeh®, we strive to deliver the best customer service experience possible. We value our customers like family and will make every effort to make sure your experience with us is a happy and satisfying one.

We stand proudly by cold-processed, non-toxic, and plant-based skincare products, knowing that their purity and efficacy are helping people nurture their health and beauty and inspire them to recognize and foster beauty and well-being in others.