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What is Normal Skin? Here What You Need to Know.

What is Normal Skin? Here What You Need to Know.

What is “Normal” skin?  For the most part, normal skin stays fairly consistent, without a lot of breakouts.  Normal skin types are not fair-skinned and have more protection due to having more melanin.   You might have normal skin if you can tolerate most products that other skin types often have a reaction. 

The essential care this skin requires is to clean it twice a day with an oil based cleanser and toner and then add a moisturizer. Also, at night apply a second thin layer of moisturizer to keep your skin moist and soft.

Normal skin sometimes can become slightly oily or dry, so by following these steps you can fix these problems.


Cleanse your face twice a day with an oil based or lotion based cleanser since they


refresh and keep pores tight. It is crucial to use a toner after your cleansing. Toner will help close pores and balance the PH level of your skin. If you experience dryness on your skin, just spritz on your face, neck, and other dry areas.

Use moisturizer right after toner. Some people with normal skin avoid using moisturizers but that is  totally wrong. Having normal skin doesn't mean that you have a perfect skin. If you underestimate normal skin and don't do the proper skin care routines or don't treat and feed it the necessary things, it can become sensitive and  cause problems such as breakouts, acne, discolorations and premature aging.


Avoid using alcohol based products and do not sleep with makeup on.

Always clean your face before you go to bed, it will only take two or three minutes of your time, but trust me it’s worth it.

Use scrub once a week to remove dead skin and re-polish your skin for a more radiant look.  Also, once a week use a facial mask to stimulate the circulation and smooth the surface of the skin.

I hope you can take this advice to heart and enjoy bright and healthy skin for some many years.

What am I missing here? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it in!

A good skin care routine is a must for normal skin to maintain it's beauty and suppleness.

You are lucky to have a normal skin, and you need to keep maintaining it.  Prevent over- exposure from the sun and minimize exposure to other environmental dangers in order to have youthful and healthy skin. Investing in good skin care products will pay you back with healthy, radiant looking skin. You will feel confident and happy.

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