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Important things you forgot when your washing your face.

Important things you forgot when your washing your face.

How you wash your face can make a difference in your appearance. Follow these tips from dermatologists to help you keep your face looking healthy.

Yalmeh® Glorifying Facial Cleanser

- Best for the sensitive and irritated skin!

Use a gentle, non-abrasive cleanser that does not contain alcohol.

 Wet your face with lukewarm water and use your fingertips to apply cleanser. Using a washcloth, mesh sponge, or anything other than your fingertips can irritate your skin.

Resist the temptation to scrub your skin because scrubbing irritates the skin.

Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

SuperYouth® Face Moisturizer

This Moisturizer works immediately to restore essential moisture to rejuvenating and prevent premature skin aging.

Apply moisturizer if your skin is dry or itchy. Be gentle when applying any cream around your eyes, so you do not pull too hard on this delicate skin.

Limit washing to twice a day and after sweating. Wash your face once in the morning and once at night, as well as after sweating heavily. Perspiration, especially when wearing a hat or helmet, irritates the skin. Wash your skin as soon as possible after sweating.

If you have questions or concerns about caring for your skin, you should make an appointment to see a dermatologist. 

Original post by: American Dermatologist Academy

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