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Our Story

What does “Yalmeh” mean? Pronounced “Yal-Mah,” it means Radiant- Shining- Beautiful- Glowing- Bright- and Brilliant. 

Here is a simple way to describe what Yalmeh represents: 

Y = Youthful 

A = Authentic 

L = Leadership

M = Mentorship 

E = Empowerment 

H = Honesty

My Story

Yalmeh® Naturals exists as a result of Jacklin Yalmeh's vision. I lived a hard life as a child and escaped my country at a young age to live the life I chose to follow my dreams. I became a refugee in a foreign and I was foreign for almost 7 years. These were challenging years for me, and I witnessed and experienced many situations of discrimination and injustice from people there.

I had to work hard to support myself, sometimes I worked three different part-time jobs to provide for the basic necessities in my life.  The lack of nutrients in my body and working long hours without having enough sleep made my body weak and I developed a health condition and I suffered greatly. I also developed skin disorder, with dark circles under my eyes, people refused to befriend me or talk to me and nobody wanted to give me a job. They thought I was a drug user and would not give me a job because of this.

I wasn't using any drugs.  I have never used drugs. I just had the skin disorder, and these dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep, stressful days and nights, and lack of nutrition. Most of the time I was hungry or didn't have any desire to eat. It was very challenging for me to convince people that I was a good person, and that I wasn't a drug user.

Finally, after almost 7 years of being a refugee, I immigrated to the United States, I started college and began learning English. Everything was good, but still, I had to find the solution for  my health and skin disorder.  My skin wasn't healthy and my body was weak. Sleeping on cold nights, especially those days in Turkey when I slept outside in the winter, had damaged my health. 

I started reading books and health articles trying to educate myself to help my body and  skin to heal. I studied, and I tried many different remedies that I made at home, such as masks, creams, but they didn't help me.  One day while I was reading about nutrients and vitamins, I came across an article that was about Aloe Vera and Vitamin C and their powers of healing the body and skin. It was an amazing article.  

So I decided to make another home remedy for my skin, this time using Aloe Vera and Vitamin C, incorporating them with other botanical extracts and essential oils.  After using my new homemade cream every day for almost two weeks, I saw a significant change in my skin. 

My dark circles started fading, the dry patches and the skin sensitivity stopped, and I could see that my skin was changing every day. This encouraged me to study further. I explored how to combine plant-based, chemical-free ingredients to be effective on the skin. So I developed my first product, SuperYouth® Eye Cream, that helped me to overcome the dark circles under my eyes.  In 2013 we established our skincare company Yalmeh® Naturals. 

Nutrient and plant-based, chemical-free ingredients are the basis of all the formulations of the Yalmeh® Naturals products. Since I had suffered from sensitive skin and dark circles under my eyes, I wanted a more natural skincare for delicate skin like my own.  So I have worked to provide nutrient-based, pH balanced, and chemical-free high-quality skincare products for all women and men, to protect and repair their skin.

My Rule Is: "No toxic products in my brand". No cancer-causing additives, no mineral oil, no sulfates, no propylene glycol or parabens are used in any of the products I create. And so the Yalmeh® brand was born.  Our commitment to these non-toxic, high-quality, nutrient and plant-based, chemical-free, pH balanced and cold processed skincare is what makes Yalmeh® Naturals who we are.

Today, Yalmeh® Naturals has a group of professionals devoted to perfecting skincare, combining science and nature, along with ancient plant treatments to deliver product perfection.

These formulations and combinations make Yalmeh®Naturals products perfect for improving and beautifying everyone's skin, without putting their health at risk. I also believe it is important that Yalmeh® Naturals products should treat all skin types. As a result, our skincare products are specially designed to minimize the effects of aging and fine lines in all skin types to restore the skin's health and beauty.


At Yalmeh® we do not cut corners and we do not violate your trust. We are environmentally and animal friendly and use recycled materials to help preserve our beautiful planet.

 We are also involved with non-profit charitable groups that help rescue kids from sex trafficking. We feel it is part of our duty, and we love to give back. Our FDA registered facility is located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Today, Yalmeh® is a highly regarded, growing company making their high quality skincare products available  to happy customers throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Lastly, at Yalmeh® we strive to deliver the best customer service experience possible. We value our customers like family and will take every effort to make sure your experience with us is a happy and satisfying one. If there is ever any reason you are unhappy with one of our products or purchases, simply let us know and we will make it right. We stand proudly by the plant-based skin care products we sell, knowing that their purity and efficacy are helping people to nurture their health and beauty as well as inspiring them to recognize and foster beauty and well-being in others.



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